So...I started a whole new program today. My doctor and nutritionist suggested trying it after being on a weight-loss plateau for the past 2 months. I started a cleanse. (Now I guess I should mention that this "plateau" may also be caused by hypothyroidism, so my doctor also ordered bloodwork. I went today for the bloodwork and should know something in the next couple of days.)

And believe me I know what you are thinking...Why would anyone do a "fad" cleanse? Well, let me be the one to tell you that is one of the very first things I thought when my nutritionist suggested it. I am one of the biggest skeptics you will ever meet, so believe me when I say I wasn't completely sold on the idea.

After my nutritionist described the program to me; I decided, "What can it hurt to get the book and read about the program?" (I was and am at the point that I will try almost anything to get the weight to start coming off again) I went to Borders right after my appointment and picked up the book, CLEAN by Dr. Alejandro Junger.

I began reading it that afternoon and was pleasantly surprised! How Dr. Junger explains things makes sense...as humans we aren't suppose to eat all the processed foods and sugar that we do on a daily basis. He also brings to mind that our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, who more than likely went days between meals due to lack of food. And guess what they didn't die of hunger! He points out that all religious leaders fasted for religious reasons. And guess again they didn't die either. Here in America we truly don't know what hunger really is. We claim we are starving after only 4 hours of not having a meal when in reality our brain is just craving a change. So...I guess you can see that I became sold on the idea of a cleanse and decided why not?

I will tell you this is not one of the CRAZY cleanses that you hear celebrities doing. No crazy waters with cayenne pepper or raw foods. This cleanse is all about taking supplements and drinking juices/smoothies for breakfast and dinner and then having a small, approved meal for lunch each day. (Which was not a far off concept for me since with Cornerstone I had ate a shake for breakfast and dinner and a small lunch.) The key is to use all organic, fresh produce. I was scared how much it would cost for me to do this, but in actuality it is no more than what I normally spend each month with my Cornerstone program.

So Day One is completed and I have to say I don't feel any different than the way I did when I first started Cornerstone. Hopefully, it will stay this way. I am so excited to begin another chapter within my weight-loss journey. I have taken all my supplements and eaten a very yummy organic lunch! I do have to say that I will be buying some garlic pills to take each day instead of eating the garlic clove...it was spicy and now I have the worst breath!!! I took a before picture today and am hoping to post it and the "all new me" in an after picture once I complete the entire program.

I hope to update everyone on my progress every couple of days or so. Hopefully my cleanse can be a way for others who might be on the fence about a life change to finally make the decision whether yes or no.

Here's the key: I have to do this for 21 days!!! Wow, now this is going to take a lot of will-power. But after losing 62lbs in 8 months, I now know that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

Here goes....

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