CLEAN: The Results

The CLEAN cleanse is DONE!!!  I have to say that overall I am very pleased with both the results of the cleanse and how well I stuck to it.  On the other hand this last week was by far the hardest week.  I had become totally bored with the food (recipes) I was eating for lunch each day.  Everything tasted exactly the same (like icky stuff covered in olive oil--GROSS).  I found myself forcing myself to even eat anything at lunch.  By the end of the week I had reached absolute exhaustion.  I was so tired and nauseated.  Absolutely nothing could satiate me.  But, by God, I was determined to complete my mission at any cost.

By Friday I was suffering from terrible nausea.  I felt as though I could up-chuck at any given moment.  I also (as I said before) was EXHAUSTED.  I began feeling like I hadn't slept in days, maybe months.  And I actually had been sleeping well every night.  I decided it had to be because I was not eating enough.  I ended up stopping the program 2 days shy of my goal of 21 days.  My body just could not take anymore of the stress of not eating properly.

Overall, I lost a total of 14lbs on the cleanse, but gained 2lbs back after being off of it for a week.  I knew it was bound to happen so I did not freak out about it.  Water weight always has to come back a little.  I went down 2% body fat at the nutritionist, making it now only a total of 15% excess or for you number gurus 37lbs to go!!!  I also feel like I finally am back to a "level playing field" as far as my metabolism and weight loss goes (at least I hope).  I hope the cleanse has helped to jump start my diet again.  I hope to complete the cleanse every 6 months to a year as Dr. Junger suggests.  Although, I have  had a rough last week, I would still recommend the cleanse to everyone!!!


Week 1

Week 2

(notice the disappearance of acne/red, splotchy skin, double chin, and whiter teeth?  Yay!!!)

I was nervous about posting these pictures, but you know if it helps someone else become motivated to take care of their health then so be it.  Plus, I really want to help those struggling with becoming healthy to know that the reality is YOU CAN DO IT!!!  You don't have to resort to crazy fad diets or surgeries to do it.  All it takes is good, old-fashioned HARD WORK!!!  Although I have to say surgery may have to happen to get rid of all this unwanted hangy skin...YUCK!!!  If anyone has any questions or needs help please let me know!!! :)


(YAY!!!  I have a waist again and no bloatie belly)

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  1. I'm very proud of you. And I can really see a difference! Your hard work is definitely paying off; just hang in there. And you are very courageous to put these pictures up, but you look great!