CLEAN Update: Week 2

Week 2 is OVER!!!  Thank you God!!!  This week was tough at times to keep focused.  I really started craving certain foods and had to use all my will-power to overcome those temptations.  But I am very glad to say that I did it!

I lost another 4lbs this week; making my Clean Cleanse weight loss total as 12lbs.  I have to say the weight loss has been great, but honestly the other benefits are just as good.  I have not had any (and I do mean any) stomach or digestion issues since I began this (and that's a miracle in its self).  My face has begun to clear up (no acne or red, splotchy skin).  I sleep soundly at night and only now wake up once nightly to pee (before it was like 5 times a night and the slightest sound would wake me).  And overall, I just feel better.

I am starting to believe that I may have a slight lactose intolerance or gluten issue through all of this.  Since the Clean program does not allow you to have any milk products or gluten, I have been able to form some sort of "experiment" on myself.  Before beginning the cleanse I had issues with becoming congested and getting a (excuse the grossness) snot-filled throat after I ate.  Since starting the cleanse I haven't had this issue even once.  The only thing I think it can be is the fact that I no longer eat any milk products or gluten...which one is it?  I don't know.  This mere fact and many others has lead me to believe that I may change my entire diet to this.  I now LOVE organic products and Earthfare has become one of my favorite places to shop.

After I have completed the program I hope to feel good enough about myself to post some before and after pictures.  I have been taking pictures after the completion of each week as a reference and the difference is amazing.  I also hope to follow the same sort of plan (with a few alterations) for the completion of my weight loss...

here's hoping the last week goes smoothly and successfully!!!

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