100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 81: The Most Embarrassing Thing In My Closet

How about a photo of my closet?  Notice how I tried to make it look fancy...lol


100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 75: Something That Annoys Me

Bumper stickers...especially when there are WAY TOO MANY OF THEM



100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 71: A Stuffed Animal

How about Miles playing with his favorite stuffed animal...The Grinch??? ;)

A Day In the Sun...

Wes and I traveled last week to Gulf Shores, AL to visit with our nephews.  We had not seen the boys (Grant & Graham) in almost 2 years!  Its crazy to think that we see Khade at least once a week, but only see Grant and Graham once every couple of years.  I wish we lived closer now so that we could see them more often, but oh well...Here are a few photos from our short, little trip...

Our hotel

Grammy (Bev-my mother-in-law) & Grant

Grammy & Graham

Of course you know these two people...

Wes & Grant

Davey, Emily, and Graham

Grant and Me

Silly Graham

Beverly and her sons

Grammy and the boys at Krispy Kreme

The view from our balcony


100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 70: A Picture of My Favorite Piece of Jewelry

100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 69: Something I Borrowed From Someone Else

A Window AC Unit...my parents are living with us temporarily so I guess its kind of like borrowing it

100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 68: Something Red

Elmo...of course!!! :)

100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 67: A Magazine I Like

100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 66: Something Green

100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 65: A Picture in Your Room

100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 64: A Picture of My Best Friend and Me

I should say a couple of my bestest friends...my sister and my nephew :)


100 Day Photo Challenge

 Day 62: Sports Awards

**Another day asking for a photo I have no way of providing, so I decided to take a pretty picture of my new Phalaenopsis Orchid that Wesley bought me in memory of Cal-Cal**

100 Day Photo Challenge

 Day 61: Last Place I Traveled To


100 Day Photo Challenge

 Day 60: School Class Picture

I'm sorry, but this one is beyond lame!!!  I am not in school no more and have no copies of school class pictures from back in the day, so whomp whomp


100 Day Photo Challenge

 Day 58: My Most Used Electronic Device

Guess what???  I'm actually using it right now... ;)