I feel like I haven’t updated this blog in a really long time; so now its time to do a little catching up…

On the baby front:

Most of you already know that after a lot of discussion, prayer, and talking with my OBGYN, Wesley and I decided to take a much needed break from trying to have a baby. This past year has been tough on us both physically and emotionally. We decided that it was time for us to take care of ourselves first and foremost. My doctor placed us with a nutritionist within her office and Wes and I began a weight-loss extravaganza.

Our weight loss journey has been surprisingly easy and actually enjoyable. The diet program itself is a high protein, low sugar, and low carb diet (The program is called Cornerstone Wellness). The high protein helps to boost metabolism and combined with the low carb this helps you lose the extra fat and not muscle as most diets do; helping you keep it off and not gain the fat back. I have never been much of a meat eater so this diet helps me get the protein my body needs while also providing me with a more balanced diet and high metabolism (which I have NEVER had).

Cornerstone Protein Shake & MetAssist Tablets

**If you have any questions regarding the Cornerstone Wellness program, please do not hesitate to ask me and I will get you any information that you want**

With the program we drink 2 high protein meal replacement shakes (we chose to drink one for breakfast and then one for supper). We combine this with a balanced lunch and also small snacks throughout the day. Of course, don’t forget the exercise. Without the exercise, yes you will lose some weight, but you will not reap the benefits of getting in better shape. I have never been much of an exerciser, but now my body actually craves it! We started out just walking in the park for 30 minutes. and are now able to try new exercises and can work out for over an hour without feeling like we might die.

We meet with the nutritionist once a month and she reads our body fat content. This reading shows us exactly how much fat our body contains and lets us know how much excess fat our body contains. We also track our weight loss and food on an Internet based program. It keeps up with every calorie, fat gram, carb, etc that we put in our mouth along with any exercise we might have done for that day. It helps to keep you accountable for everything you put in your mouth. The control freak in me LOVES it.

I am not positive why this diet plan has clicked with me, but it has. I feel so much better about myself and am finally content with where I am right now. I know look at it as not a diet, but honestly as a complete life change. No longer will you see junk food in my house or will you see me overindulging and stuffing myself.

As of our last weigh-in with our nutritionist, Wesley and I have lost a combined total of 87lbs! Wesley has reached his goal and is now following a maintenance plan. I, however, am halfway to my original goal (I keep changing it because I want to lose even more). I am currently at a total loss of 45lbs and at only 17% excess body fat. Plus, when I met with Dr. Roberts to review my hormone levels after doing this diet for 3 months I found out that ALL of my hormones are now back to normal (I no longer have to worry about PCOS at all). Needless to say both Dr. Roberts and I am thrilled!!!

Me in April 2010 and now in December 2010

As I have mentioned before, I am a complete control freak. This diet and life change has given me a last chance to have a baby of my own. God willing after I am completely healthy we will be able to conceive and give birth with no issues. But even if we are not, at least I will know that I did EVERYTHING that I could do to make it happen.

Through all of this I have learned just how important it is for me to be content with where I am now. I do not need to dwell on the things I cannot have right now, but be happy with what God has given me. I am blessed beyond belief and know whether or not I have a baby of my own or not, God will bless me with a family!

Wesley and I plan to start trying to become parents again this next summer (depending on how long it takes for me to reach my “goal”). Until then we will be happy with our little family of animals and enjoy getting super healthy for our future children!