My Little Indian

Yesterday was a day of ABSOLUTE fun!!! Khade woke up in a great mood and was in a playing mood. From the very beginning he was saying, "Tiffy play" and pointing for me to sit in the floor with him. We had to fix everything in the house with our tool set and of course watch the Tractor DVD three times. Here are a couple fun stories from our day:

Chilling on the Couch

While I was eating a plum, Khade came and got in my lap and started pointing at the plum and saying "Apple". I told him no that it was a plum and he kept arguing with me saying, "apple, apple." Finally he asked for a bite so I let him have a small bite. He said, "YUM plum!" I guess he just needed to have a taste in order to understand it wasn't really an apple. He then proceeded to eat about half of it. :)

Notice the trackhoe in the picture? ;)

Another fun thing that I so wish I had on video was when Khade decided to show his bubble tiger how to shoot basketball. I swear, this child has the biggest imagination for a 21 month old. He had the tiger in his hand and took it over to the basketball goal. He then held a ball up to the tiger's face and said, "see ball tiger?" He then made the tiger watch as he placed the ball in the hoop a couple of times. He was so dead serious too.


And my final FAVORITE thing from yesterday was simply when he told me "I love you too".

All I can say after spending this wonderful day with my little Indian (he ran around with his headdress on, acting like one) is that I just hope and pray that when Wesley and I finally have our own kid that he or she is half the fun as my sweet, Khade baby!!! :) :) :) :)

Dressed in his Indian headdress

Dancing like a "wild" Indian


I NEED Tractors!!!

The title of this post is "I NEED Tractors" for one reason only this was one of the cutest things Khade said this week. He is now talking in complete sentences and can tell you exactly what he wants. I swear, he gets smarter each week anymore. He is learning so quickly and repeats everything. He also sang and did the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider for me. TOO CUTE!!! And luckily we got by with only seeing our Tractor DVD three times too... ;)

I didn't get many pictures this week because he was way too busy talking to me the whole time I was keeping him. LOL

Light of my Life

Here is a picture of my latest craft project. I thought it turned out GREAT! Unfortunately it did not photograph really well. I gave it to Wesley as a little reminder yesterday... ;) I even hollowed out the light bulb myself.

And because he is the sweetest husband EVER, I came home to a clean house, flowers, and yummy Sugar Free candy!!! I sure do love that man!!!


Big Weekend!!!

What a fun weekend it was! We were busy, busy this past weekend, but had a lot of fun. The weekend both started with a bang and ended with a bang (literally).

Wesley went dove hunting for the first time with my dad and brother-in-law. He had so much fun and shot 6 doves. I was really proud of him, but still felt a little bad because he shot 6 poor innocent birds, but such is life. I called mom that morning and said, "Hunting season has begun and now my husband has a gun so I guess he will be kidnapped by dad every Saturday." I can't believe that my dad has rubbed off on him. I married a non-hunter, but now here he is, Mr. Hunter!!! :)

The day ended with the start of my beloved SEC football season. For any of you that don't know I absolutely LOVE college football. I can watch for hours and never get tired of it. I am one of those people who gets really into it whether I'm sitting in front of the TV or at the actual game. I scream, I holler, I yell, I dance, I do it all!!! I bleed orange and navy (I am an alumni and a proud one at that), but if Auburn is not playing Tennessee I will route for the Vols. Thankfully, both Auburn and Tennessee had good wins! WAR EAGLE!!!

Wes and I usually lay around and just relax on Sundays, but not this week. My dad called around 3pm and wanted us to go see Avatar with mom and him. Now I have seen Avatar before, but never like this. I saw the DVD version and that was quite a long time ago. We went to the Regal Cinema and saw it in IMAX 3D. It was incredible!!! There was so much more to see in 3D. I highly recommend it! I was afraid it would prompt one of my crazy migraines, but it didn't. My eyes felt a little sore afterwards, but no migraine.

After Avatar, Wes and I drove downtown for the annual Boomsday celebration. For those of you who ask "What is Boomsday?" It is only the biggest firework display on Labor Day. They shoot the fireworks off the Henley Street bridge right over the water. I swear it is bigger than July 4th. It was incredible! Wes said it was the best firework display he has ever seen. I LOVE fireworks and these were the best. I thought I was going to choke to death though on all the smoke. When the fireworks were over we noticed a lot of ash flying around in the air and that all of us had it all over our clothes and hair. It looked like we stepped right out of the movie The Road. I took some pictures, but believe me they do not do the show any justice. Plus due to our spot, I was unable to get many pictures of the actual bridge and there was some great stuff happening on the bridge itself. Here's a small taste though.

So now its Labor Day and I'm alone...BOO!!! After such a weekend filled with laughter and family (and complete strangers) it feels strange to be just "the boys" and me again. Sometimes I wish Wes got holidays off, but hospitals never close...but, honestly thanks everybody for an AWESOME weekend!!!


Frog Boots and Cheesin'

Here are some pictures of Khade from the past couple of weeks. As you will see anytime I ask him to smile for the camera he "cheeses" so hard that one of his eyes actually close. I spent the day with him yesterday and he just had to wear his frog boots all afternoon too. He is too cute!!!

Sleeping in his BIG boy bed (when did he grow up?)

You have to LOVE that beautiful face and blue eyes!

Laughing at Aunt Tiffany

The frog boots :)