My Little Indian

Yesterday was a day of ABSOLUTE fun!!! Khade woke up in a great mood and was in a playing mood. From the very beginning he was saying, "Tiffy play" and pointing for me to sit in the floor with him. We had to fix everything in the house with our tool set and of course watch the Tractor DVD three times. Here are a couple fun stories from our day:

Chilling on the Couch

While I was eating a plum, Khade came and got in my lap and started pointing at the plum and saying "Apple". I told him no that it was a plum and he kept arguing with me saying, "apple, apple." Finally he asked for a bite so I let him have a small bite. He said, "YUM plum!" I guess he just needed to have a taste in order to understand it wasn't really an apple. He then proceeded to eat about half of it. :)

Notice the trackhoe in the picture? ;)

Another fun thing that I so wish I had on video was when Khade decided to show his bubble tiger how to shoot basketball. I swear, this child has the biggest imagination for a 21 month old. He had the tiger in his hand and took it over to the basketball goal. He then held a ball up to the tiger's face and said, "see ball tiger?" He then made the tiger watch as he placed the ball in the hoop a couple of times. He was so dead serious too.


And my final FAVORITE thing from yesterday was simply when he told me "I love you too".

All I can say after spending this wonderful day with my little Indian (he ran around with his headdress on, acting like one) is that I just hope and pray that when Wesley and I finally have our own kid that he or she is half the fun as my sweet, Khade baby!!! :) :) :) :)

Dressed in his Indian headdress

Dancing like a "wild" Indian

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