I LOVE the beach!!!

I so wish that Wesley and I lived closer to the beach. We had the most relaxing and fun time with my parents at the beach. October was a perfect time to go. There was hardly any traffic and the weather was gorgeous. Now I will say the water was a bit cold, but hey it was still one of the best trips I have ever taken.

It was a week filled with my favorite things: sunshine, surf, Wii games, and my sweet parents and husband!!! What a week!!! :) Here are a few pictures (of course I took over 100, but whoa that would be a HUGE blog post).

Beautiful Sunrise every morning

Mom and my sand castle. We worked hard on this. Let's just say my whole body (and I do mean whole body) was exfoliated after this.

Wes and me

Mom and Dad playing putt-putt golf

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

My crazy mother being "attacked" by a bear :)

And for all of you who know my parents...this shows just how cold our condo was EVERY night!!! Freezing to death!!! LOL

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