Khade and I carved a "jack" this week and boy was it fun!!! I wasn't sure if Khade would like it or not since he has always been a little grossed-out when touching new things. He took to it like a fish in water. He even helped me clean out the pumpkin. He would make the funniest faces when he touched the pumpkin "guts". I wish someone would have been there with us to video it all.

Khade cleaning out the "guts"

Cleaning off the top of his pumpkin

I taught him to say "Vampire Pumpkin", too. When Brandy (his mom) got home from work she asked him what kind of pumpkin he made and he told her very clearly, "Vampire". He is an absolute sponge. Tell him anything and he will repeat it and NEVER forget it either. I absolutely LOVE this age!!! Each week is a new adventure...

Khade and his Vampire Pumpkin

We also played in the leaves too. Which was another bunch of fun. He loved throwing them up in the air. He also tried to throw them on me, too. I swear he can turn the worst day around with just a quick smile and giggle!!!

Also, while Brandy and I were putting up some groceries Khade made him his own seat out of coke boxes. We didn't even notice for quite a while so there is no telling how long he had been sitting there. What a comedian!!! :)

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