A New Plan

Today was my follow-up doctor's appointment since the miscarriage. Dr. Roberts believes that I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I had blood drawn today to confirm this diagnosis and should know the results within this next week. Throughout this entire process I have often wondered if this might be where my issues lie, so both Dr. Roberts and myself are almost positive that I have PCOS.

I just LOVE Dr. Roberts! Even if all the blood work comes back good we have decided on a new plan of action. (I LOVE planners, as I am one myself). We have decided that I will take the next 3 months off from trying to get pregnant. During this time (more than likely) I will be placed on birth control for 3 months in order to regulate my hormones and also start a diet plan. After those 3 months I will then begin taking Femara (new fertility drug comparable to Clomid) and Prometrium. Dr. Roberts is pretty positive and confident that once we get my hormones "in-check" we will have a successful pregnancy.

As soon as I have more information and get my blood results back I will update everyone! Again, thanks for your prayers and thoughts during this time...Wesley and I really do appreciate everything.

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  1. Praying for you guys. That is what I have, PCOS. Thinking about you guys and praying for everything to work out. Love you both!