And the results are...

I met with Dr. Roberts this morning to discuss my blood work results from a couple of weeks ago. I was extremely nervous about having to meet with her. I have never had to meet with her in person to discuss blood work and this seemed very scary to me. I found out that I was nervous for N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

The blood work that I had done was to determine whether or not I was suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and if this was the cause of our repeated miscarriages. My testosterone was a little high. Dr. Roberts said that this supported our diagnosis of PCOS, but that it was a lot lower than what she thought I would have had so I only have a very mild case of PCOS. My peptide (glucose) and sodium both came back normal, so I do not have any insulin resistance which is great news. The only other thing that came back a little high was my potassium. Dr. Roberts really felt that this was nothing and that my repeat blood work to test the potassium from last week would reflect a normal range.

To treat my PCOS we are continuing my diet plan with my nutritionist and are going to continue taking birth control for the next three months. Dr. Roberts said that since I have such a mild case of PCOS, a few months of birth control and weight loss should cure it completely!!! I have decided to wait to try again until I reach a certain weight. I am down 10lbs so far and am DETERMINED to reach my goal and become a mother!!! So here's praying that a baby will come our way in the next year or so!!!

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