More waiting...

As always I am waiting for something...this seems to be the theme of my life lately.

I have been waiting for two weeks for my doctor's office to call me with the results of my latest blood work to confirm a diagnosis of possible PCOS. I have called and left repeat messages asking for a call back. I did hear back from them a week ago to let me know that Dr. Roberts was on vacation and that the blood results had not been returned to them from the lab yet.

Yesterday (Friday), I had a scheduled appointment to meet with my dietitian (Jenn-LOVE her) to check on my progress with the new diet plan. While sitting, talking with Jenn, Mandy (Dr. Robert's nurse) came in and asked me to give more blood because my potassium came back high. I asked her for all the other results and she told me she would look them up and get back with me before I left.

Jenn and I had a GREAT visit! She looked over my food log and said that I was doing everything perfectly. We discussed any problems that I might be having (which is none BTW). This really has been one of the easiest and enjoyable diets of my life. Maybe its just because I know that the end result will only lead to not only a healthier life, but possibly a bundle of joy! I also had my two week weigh-in and found out that I am a total of 8lbs lighter!!! Jenn was very pleased and told me to keep doing exactly what I was doing and I should continue to be successful. I scheduled another appointment to recheck my body fat in 2 weeks.

Back to the subject at hand, as I was waiting to have blood drawn yet again, I asked Jenn to find out what the results from the previous blood work were. Jenn came back after speaking with Dr. Roberts and told me that Dr. Roberts wanted to actually talk to me in person to discuss my results. RED FLAG!!! RED FLAG!!! Now I was already concerned because of the high potassium, but now that she wanted to meet with me I became very concerned. I have never had the office tell me that I must come in for an appointment to review blood work. I have always gotten a simple phone call to relay the results. I scheduled an appointment for this next Wednesday to discuss the results.

Once I got home I felt better...if things really were serious wouldn't they have rushed me into the office? They wouldn't have waited for another week...surely not. Plus I researched high potassium and all it could be is a problem when they actually took the blood (the red blood cells could have burst in the tube and caused the high potassium reading).

Just please continue to remember Wesley and I in your thoughts and prayers. I am trying not to dwell on it and go on with life. I will update everyone as soon as I talk to the doctor next Wednesday. :)

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