Waiting and Prometrium Pains

So the dreaded two week wait goes on...and on...and on...and on!!! All of you who know me best know that patience is definitely not my virtue. I lack patience in almost every instance of my life. And not only do I lack patience, but I also am a HUGE control-freak. The two week wait after ovulation is not helping either of these things become easier to control.

I know, I know, I only have another full week left before I can test or ugh the dreaded period starts again, but the waiting is killing me this month. I think it is tougher this month because I actually know that for the first time since I had my miscarriage I ovulated. I told myself all month that I was going to stay positive and not be bummed if we didn't get pregnant this month. I was going to simply celebrate the fact that my body is finally doing what it is suppose to do each month (ovulate). I had all the crazy cervical mucus and everything!!! But, who am I kidding? I am chomping at the bit here. I want to know NOW!!!

I went for my monthly progesterone blood test today and will hopefully get the results tomorrow. I am hoping for a progesterone level that is out of this world. Or at least a 10!!! I keep telling myself that even if they seem low to everyone else, I know I ovulated this month. Maybe I am one of those people who's "normal" progesterone level is low.

On to the Prometrium pains...
I will start off by saying I will do ANYTHING to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. Including suffering through all the nasty side effects of taking Prometrium. One of the main complaints I have regarding the Prometrium is the fact that the side-effects of the drug are the same as the signs of early pregnancy. This makes me crazy...I don't know if I'm pregnant or if its just side effects...ugh. If you have a queasy stomach or do not want to know my personal junk please stop reading here.

First of all, there is the dizziness and exhaustion. For two hours after taking the prometrium I feel completely drunk and "off my rocker". I also have started to be sooooo tired and exhausted the past couple of days. No matter how much I sleep or lay around I still feel tired. And that is just the beginning. My nipples and boobs feel like they are on fire most of the time. I cannot stand to hardly wear a bra much less a shirt. If anything rubs them I want to fight somebody. My nipples are also about double the size they normally are and are chapped like you wouldn't believe. On Sunday, my husband was like "Whoa your nipples are HUGE!" I think that might have scared him a little. (no surprise there, cause they scare me a little). This pain and discomfort is the same I had right after I had the miscarriage, but I've also read it could just be a side effect of the prometrium. I started having some lower back cramps like a period today and boy are they irritating too. Plus, there is all this unpleasant cervical mucus all day every day. I swear I would not be complaining about any of this if I just KNEW...Pregnant or Not Pregnant??? This is the question on my mind every minute of every day of every month!!!

I think getting Pregnant is my new obsession....


  1. Praying for you both! Like you said- it will be great to know that your body is doing what is it supossed to be doing. The waiting game is definetley not a fun one- praying the days go by fast!

  2. Praying for you! I hate the waiting game too! I still have another week to go to get blood work!
    Praying that we both get preg!!!
    Love you!