Drum Roll Please...

I got the BEST news yesterday. I went in for my monthly blood test on Tuesday. Yesterday my nurse called with the results. As she began to talk to me I found myself starting to get incredibly nervous. Even though I knew in my heart that I had in fact ovulated this month, I still found myself being terrified that she would tell me that my progesterone was ridiculously low again. I even think I held my breath the whole time she was saying, "and the progesterone came back as..." Then she paused and I thought I was going to DIE!!! She said, "27". I started saying, "What, What?" The nurse said did you not hear me? I told her that I did, but that I was in absolute shock. I mean, the highest my progesterone has been since we started all of this was a 6.4. Even when I was pregnant it was only a 10.

All month I had told Wes that I was shooting for a 10 (since this is the level the doctor wanted to see me at), but here I had a 27! I was so excited and I still am. I am riding on a high right now and am hoping and praying that this is just the start of the good news. The nurse advised that if we were in fact pregnant this month that I was already starting off at a very good progesterone level and to continue doing exactly what I am doing now. (For a "successful" pregnancy doctors want progesterone level above a 20 generally)

So here's to praying for more good news VERY SOON!!!


  1. Yay!!! I am SO happy for you! That is awesome! We are praying praying!!!!