Yay!!! Good news for once!!!

Yay for OVULATION!!! I just knew that my body had the signs this month. This was GREAT confirmation that we are doing the right things. Now we wait...and I am trying to remember that this is a positive thing no matter whether we get pregnant this month or not. Maybe this is a sign that my body is starting to react positively to our fertility treatments. (For some who may not know the monitor is showing peak fertility which means I should ovulate within the next 24-48 hours)

This week has been full of great news and now I get to add mine to the mix. Wesley's cousins (Lisa and Jennifer) both got good news on their baby journey. Congratulations to Jennifer and David on the adoption of their little (and might I mention beautiful) Jade Elizabeth. And congratulations to Lisa for getting good news on her blood work and for getting the go ahead for IUI on Wednesday!

I am beginning my next round of Prometrium today and then I go for my blood work on Monday. The doctor is going to test both my progesterone and HCG levels then. Pray, pray, pray everybody!!!

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  1. We are praying praying praying! We will all become mothers! i just know it!
    Thank you for all your prayers, I am a little nervous about tomorrow but its in God's hands. That is great news for you! I am so happy for you!
    Love you!