My Yummy 4th of July Creation

Honestly, this was one of my favorite things that I have ever made.  I have to thank my mom for lots of help with these little creations.  And honestly they were not that hard to make.

They were an ABSOLUTE hit at our family cookout and fireworks show.  Everyone thought they were mini-slider burgers instead of cupcakes.  Wes even took some to work for his fellow staff and they thought not only were they great looking but that they were super tasty.

I decided to take a photo that would make them look even more like Burgers  :)

Our platter of Burgers

**How to make these Slider Burger Cupcakes:**

They are made with white cake or "buns", and dark chocolate cake" or "burger patties" and starburst or "cheese" and condiments made from colored frosting.

  • Make a double batch of your favorite white cake recipe and a single batch of dark chocolate cake.
  • Roll out several yellow starbursts (we used yellow and orange since only a few of these colors were in our candy bag) using confectioners' sugar to keep from sticking to parchment paper for cheese.
  • Color some frosting green and red for the lettuce and ketchup.
  • Cut in half the white cupcakes after cooling and remove tops from all of cooled chocolate cupcakes.  (You will have leftovers, but if you have a husband like mine he will enjoy these for days to come)
To Assemble Cupcakes:
  • Place a cut chocolate cupcake in the center of the halved white cupcake.  
  • Place yellow rolled-out starburst on top of chocolate cupcake.  
  • Add red and green frosting to the top of "cheese" for lettuce and ketchup (we let ours run off the sides in different places to give it extra effect)
  • Top with the white cupcake topper for top "bun".
  • Brush the top "bun" with a small amount of honey and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
Place them on a platter to make them look even more like a bunch of mini-slider burgers.  And FINALLY ENJOY!!!

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