AFI's 100 Best Movies: #99 Toy Story

To be perfectly honest I fell asleep watching Toy Story yesterday.  But listen it wasn't because it was boring or I was uninterested I was just absolutely exhausted from a long, depressing day.

I have seen Toy Story many times before and each time I love it just as much if not more.  It has such a great story line of acceptance and friendship that I find enduring and fun.  It also always makes me think of certain toys I had as a child and how I wish now that I would not have neglected them and makes me want to have them now.  Silly, I know...

I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone...all ages a like...if you haven't seen it (and the only way I believe anyone has not seen the original Toy Story is if they live under an actual rock) then you should go and watch it now!!!

I am so glad that it was included in AFI's 100 Best Movies for sure!!!

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