2011 Resolutions

This year I will NOT make the usual resolution of losing weight, become healthy, blah blah blah! This girl is already making that happen and has the determination to REALLY complete it!!! I will say that I have set myself some BIG goals (not necessarily for this year) in regards to my weight loss and health. The goals are as follows: (1) Finish losing the weight (2) After, hopefully having a baby, I will lose the baby weight in a timely fashion (3) Train for a marathon and complete a marathon (4) NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, gain back all this weight!!!

Now here are my resolutions for this new year (I wanted to post them on my blog, so it would help me keep my eye on the prize):
  • Become a better wife--I want to be supportive and more attentive to Wesley. I want to keep my house more organized and to spend more quality time with Wesley.
  • Save $$$$--live on a budget all year long that will allow us to save major buckaroos
  • Become involved in church & find a church family
Here's to 2011!!! May everyone's resolutions, goals, and wishes come true this year!!! :)

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